GSF Finnmark


Grieg Seafood Finnmark (GSFF) farms salmon in Finnmark county in Norway. The company has a total of totaling 27 grow-out licences and noe smolt licence. Four of the 27 licences are  so-called green concessions that will become fully operational during 2016.

The company has its own processing plants that harvest all salmon produced by the company.

The business is located in five municipalities and is a significant contributor to local value creation. The company has 162 employees in the region divided into three divisions (Hatcheries, Grow-out and Processing).

Production capacity is estimated at 33,000 tonnes gutted weight. The company will be Global GAP certified during 2016.

During the last years, GSFF has built a considerable capacity for hatching fish, with a special focus on producing large smolts, which will contribute to optimizing the company’s production. The fish is mainly exported to markets in the Far East and the EU.

The production capacity is 33 000 tons gutted weight (GWE)